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Guestbook: Geeta Citygirl
Geeta CitygirlSimply the best. That is all I can say about Colleen Brock. Before she arrived for my photo session, the photographer mentioned her name and the word "best" in the same breath. As the Artistic Director of SALAAM Theatre as well as a professional working actor, I have worked with numerous stylists so I can honestly say Colleen is the queen. During my photo session, she carefully transformed me and made sure to always give me a simple and natural look. She is proficient at creating a classic timeless look that also photographs well. Along with he expertise in the hair and make-up department, what stunned me was her knowledge of ethnic Indian attire. The photographer and I were sorting through my ethnic Indian clothes. I mentioned that I did not know how to wrap a sari (a very long strip of unstitched cloth). Suddenly Colleen revealed that she had a strong connection to India, had traveled there and was familiar with the Indian costumes of various regions. I was amazed. She meticulously draped my sari, selected the appropriate jewelry and proceeded to adjust my hair and make-up to compliment the look — right down to the bindi (forehead decoration worn in South Asia). Colleen is a professional that is also a ton of fun to work with. She is my personal consultant and I refer her to everyone I know. She really is simply the best!

— Geeta Citygirl, Artistic Director – SALAAM Theatre/Actor

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