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Guestbook: Noemi
NoemiWhen I decided to become serious about my acting career, I knew that every investment I made had to count. My headshot was the most important investment of all. There's a saying that goes, "If you follow your heart's desire, the universe will conspire to help you achieve your goals." I was very fortunate to have gotten Colleen Brock as my make-up artist for my photo shoot. Her work made me look fabulous! Everyone, including casting directors, has complimented my healthy flawless complexion. Anyone fortunate enough to have their make-up done by Colleen Brock is sure to be happy with the results. My only complaint is that after having my make-up done by this professional artist, I realized I've been doing my make-up in a way that doesn't complement my looks as well as when I had it done by Colleen. Lucky for me Colleen was generous and gave me some helpful hints on how to get the best results when doing my own day-to-day make-up. I thank Colleen for the beautiful make-up job, and I thank the cosmos for bringing Colleen to me.

— Noemi, Actor

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